Understanding the SRT Affiliate Program

Many consumers are still unfamiliar with affiliate marketing; thus, they are unsure whether or not to use crypto affiliate programs. You can distribute links using this sort of marketing and get paid every time someone registers. Affiliate marketing allows you to earn rewards for months or even years after promotion.

The biggest crypto firms have recently adopted affiliate marketing programs to promote different projects. Solidray tokens have launched a new and exciting affiliate program known as the SRT revolution. This post explains all there is to know about the program.

Solidray’s Tokens Revolution
Advertised as the perfect solution to your crypto needs, the SRT revolution is a game changer. SRT revolution is an affiliate program for the solidray network. SRT revolution allows holders of Solidray tokens (SRT) to earn passively by different means. Users can earn community (team) bonuses, referral bonuses, SRT staking bonuses, and many more.

A user’s affiliate earnings are reflected immediately in the wallet and the system in real time. The platform provides quick updates to users by sending out SMS and Email notifications. With the Solidray tokens (SRT) revolution, users can connect easily to the Trust wallet after registration. Make money by using your referral links to recommend to other individuals.

How to Join the SRT Revolution
To earn from the SRT revolution, a user has to register on the platform. You can register on the platform by clicking on this link – and clicking on register. The registration page requires you to input your full name and verify your email address and mobile number. The registration is complete when you choose a new password.

You can always log in to your account by visiting and entering your login credentials.

Solidray has made every effort to earn the trust of community members who are enthusiastic about their initiative. Due to the irreversible nature of Blockchain transactions, they ensure that the project code is secure. Solidray token’s Blockchain complies technically with the standards of a secure Cryptocurrency market. Everybody involved in the process works in a safe environment.

SRT Referral Bonuses
The minimum SRT purchase to activate an account to start earning is $50 worth of BNB. SRT referral system gives users 5% more tokens for a direct referral. When the referee gets a referral, the first referrer gets additional 2% more tokens. The referral bonus reduces as the generations/uplines increases. The table below gives a breakdown of the SRT referral bonuses:

SRT Staking
The SRT’s staking network is a low-risk, high-reward contract that functions like a high-yield deposit certificate. Users can stake by purchasing SRT tokens from Blockchain and depositing them on the platform’s website. The system generates a wallet address for interested users to deposit SRT. Users interested in staking have to complete their KYC registration.

The maximum amount of SRT tokens a yacht club member can stake is 50 million SRT. Non-yacht club member yacht club members can only stake up to a max of 25 million SRT. The minimum staking amount on the platform is 1,000,000 SRT.

SRT stake deposits can only be in certain brackets. This brackets are 1,2,4,6,8,10,15,20,25,50 (all in million SRT’s). The 50 million SRT bracket is only available for yacht club members.

What Do Referees Earn From the SRT Affiliate Program
Referees who decide to stake in SRT earn a fixed rate over a specific time.

A Staker earns an average percentage rate (APR) of 15% over 3 months and 18% for yacht club members. Non-yacht club stakers earn an APR of 35% over 6 months, while yacht club stakers get 41% over the same period. A 9 months stake returns an APR of 60% and 69% for non-yacht and yacht club members, respectively. Stakers who wait for a year earn an APR of 88% and 100% for non-yacht and yacht club members, respectively.

Yacht club members who complete the KYC process receive an additional average percentage rate (APR).

Final Thoughts
The SRT affiliate program is an exciting new pursuit in the growing crypto affiliate world. The opportunity to earn passive income in the fascinating Solidray network is too good to neglect.